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Homemaker’s Friend Planner- Introduction to the planner for Homemakers

Twenty years ago when I was a young homemaker, I read Getting More Done in Less Time, by Donna Otto. She recommended using a simple daily planner to keep track of duties, appointments and commitments. “It will be your friend for life,” she promised.

        I began my search for a planner that would help me organize my days and duties. But I soon realized that my homemaking days did not fit into neat little time slots that many planners offered. It was frustrating to be rocking the baby at 10:00 when the planner said, “Weed flower bed.”

        I started designing my own planner pages so I could have a flexible plan. Today, The Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner is an expertly-designed version of those homemade pages of years gone by. From one child to six, through eleven moves, from toddlers to adult children, this basic, flexible planner keeps me on track while allowing me to constantly change from one stage to the next.

        My favorite section is the Weekly Planning layout.  Under the heading Task List are spaces to write specific duties I need to do—phone calls, appointments, balancing the checkbook, and so on. Some times I divvy out those duties and write them on specific days. For example, I do laundry on Monday. Laundry takes a lot of time, yet there are short slots of time to do small projects. It only takes a few minutes to schedule a dentist appointment or to send a card and if it is written down, I am more apt to grab those precious few minutes when the opportunity arises. Typically, I use a four-week menu plan, but I still write what is for dinner in the menu block. 

        I always write with a pencil so tasks can easily be erased and rearranged to accommodate the unpredicted issues that come along.

        The Monthly Calendar is where I jot up-coming events such as church functions, weddings, school activities, appointments, reunions and holidays, etc. This helps me for weekly planning because I can see at a glance what will be happening over the next few weeks.  

        The Year Calendar section has a place for basic notations and pages on which to journal or write prayer requests, birthdays and quotes. 

        The pages in Tasks List section are untitled. This allows freedom to create monthly, bi-monthly or seasonal lists. I do some gardening and food preservation, so I title one page, Summer Projects. Then make a list of things I want to freeze or preserve.

        The Projects and Events section is for occasions that need more space for writing. If planning a baby shower or a family gathering, I keep that information in this section. These pages are untitled for flexibility.

        The Information section can be used for phone numbers and addresses needed temporarily. For example, when placing an order, I jot down the number so I won’t need to look it up again. This is a good place to write addresses for a card shower or the information for the eye specialist.

        I use the perforated Shopping Lists several ways- Sometimes as comprehensive shopping list and other times as a central location to write the items needed for an upcoming event, project, or menu. A running shopping list helps me to make the best of a trip to town, whether it is planned or unexpected.

        The busier I am the more I use my planner. It helps me balance homemaking responsibilities with other obligations to create a realistic schedule that works. It is typical for me to veer from a daily plan when urgent matters arise, but a written plan refreshes my memory. My planner is a trusted friend that helps me focus on what is most important.

16 thoughts on “Homemaker’s Friend Planner- Introduction to the planner for Homemakers”

  1. I have switched to other planners, due to the fact that this one has no place for finances/budget/expenditures. Is there somewhere this can be added for the entire year, on a monthly basis?
    Thanks! I love the simplicity of this planner, but really need the financial section to make this user friendly for me!

    1. Hi Tamara,
      we added 4 ledger pages in the 2022 Planner. Maybe you are the one who suggested that we add those pages? I would like to offer you a Free complimentary 2023 Planner and so you can see how you like it. Just send me your address.

          1. Hi Tamara,
            Have you had a chance to check out the Planner? We are in the final stages of 2024 Planner development and I’d like your feedback.

  2. I love, love, love this planner! I used to make my own so I could have everything I wanted in a reasonable size. This planner gives me everything I want in a planner, and more. Every time I want to keep a list of plans, of quick meals, of items to put out for the Christmas feast, there’s a section for it. There’s even a two pocket insert I use to hold my budget plan for the month, bills and coupons. I lost last year’s planner in a major accident out of state. I couldn’t remember which site it came from and had to wait until I got home to look at an older copy. I missed so much in the weeks it took to get another. I hope to never be without one again!

  3. Hi Sue,
    I have been using your daily planner for years and absolutely love it. Please don’t change the index tabs or format or spiral, in fact it’s already perfection. I went to Barnes & Noble last night and couldn’t find anything at all that I liked better! I will place my order for your 2024 planner today with great delight. Thank you.

  4. Dear Sue,
    I have been using this planner for several years, and I love every section of it. Three years ago, I started buying one for my very busy daughter who has four children, homeschools, helps run a business, and has a vast Christian community life.
    This year is the first year I bought one for my oldest granddaughter as well. She isn’t married, but is a huge help to her mother. She also helps care for her ministers children while they are taking care of some of their duties.
    So your planner is now helping three generations in our family. Thank you so much, and God bless you!

  5. I was just flippinng through my 2023 planner to check for things I want to transfer to my 2024 planner and noticed the blurb regarding iCare planner and that I should flip to the back for the order form. I see it there. I also see it on the 2024 form but I do not see a layout in the shop. Is this just the same planner for a cheaper price when you order multiple planners. Please don’t take this as a criticism, I am just confused. It is probably me, I am sometimes low on intelligence. My apologies. I have enjoyed your planner for years.

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